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While standard office moves are rooms full of desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, executive suites, conference room tables, and office chairs to boot, Safeguard Moving is equipped to handle various office moving requests, including; warehouses, cubicle stations and specialized rooms such as server and equipment spaces.

Safeguard Moving is proud to present a leadership team with extensive expertise in office relocation services, dedicated to serving the Austin and Dallas regions. we recognize the criticality of executing your Commercial Move promptly, allowing you to swiftly return to the core activities that drive your business revenue.

Get ready for a seamless and stress-free office move with Safeguard's efficient process!

At Safeguard, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to making your office move as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Get ready for a smooth transition to your new workspace with our dedicated team by your side!

Initiating the Office Move

Reach out to our dedicated Safeguard Commercial Move Coordinator to schedule a convenient walkthrough or a virtual meeting at your facility.

Preparation is Key

Before the meeting, collaborate with your staff to begin creating a detailed list outlining preferred moving dates, items requiring special attention, and items to be left or decommissioned. The quicker we can help get the X’s and O’s down, the more cost effective the move will be.

Comprehensive Assessment

Following the initial walkthrough, we meticulously compare our notes and requirements to produce a comprehensive and clear move service proposal.

Ensuring Smooth Transitions

Safeguard takes care of all necessary paperwork, including filing insurance certificates with relevant parties and obtaining building and parking approvals. This systematic preparation guarantees a smooth start without interruption on moving days.

Early Delivery of Supplies

Our Commercial Move Coordinators proactively deliver recyclable commercial crates well before your move for all of you staff to begin packing personal belongings in their workspace. This helps guarantee the safe transport and delivery location of all your valuable office items and essentials in the new office space.

Finalizing the Move-Out Plan

A secondary or pre-move walkthrough is conducted. We assist in labeling items and finalizing the “exit plan,” optimizing your time during the move-out phase.

Professional Moving Process

On moving day, our team starts by safeguarding entryways, high-traffic areas, elevators, and other essential high touch areas. The move operations team then wraps and transports items down to our trucks. This careful approach ensures your belongings are protected during the entire moving process.

The primary move coordinators arrange and restore everything according to the established plan in your new office space.

Our objective is to swiftly complete the reset process, ensuring your team can resume operations seamlessly. Even after the move, our communication remains open. We revisit your location to clear away any leftover packing materials, crates, or items that are no longer necessary in the new space.

How Do You Know if You Need Professional Office Movers?

Regardless of whether your business is just you and your semi-retired aunt, ten employees or one-hundred, we provide the same attentive moving services tailored to your office moving needs. We recognize the importance of entrusting your valuable equipment and furniture to professionals you can rely on.

For a period of time, relocating becomes a full time second job.

The planning, coordinating, renting trucks or ordering boxes, counting desks, heads and whiteboards. It can get complex and overwhelming, so let Safeguard Moving handle the planning, moving and logistics. We are well-trained and fully equipped to handle every challenge and office move can present.