Your Essential Moving Guide to Georgetown, TX

Moving to Georgetown, TX?

Hailed the fastest-growing city in the United States according to data released by the United States Census Bureau, Georgetown Texas has emerged as a coveted destination for many. Georgetown has found itself in the list of the top 10 fastest-growing cities in the US since 2015. Thanks to its blend of history, modern amenities, beautiful parks, and friendly community atmosphere, it’s easy to see why so many people are moving to Georgetown.

Situated 30 minutes away from downtown Austin, this charming town offers a unique blend of small-town atmosphere coupled with urban amenities. Its proximity to the state capital, Austin, and the tech hub adds to its appeal for individuals seeking a laid-back lifestyle without compromising on modern conveniences. The town’s downtown area is a testament to its rich historical past, proudly being dubbed “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.”

Movers in Georgetown, Texas for ten years and we are proud to call Georgetown home. Our movers are trusted and trained to take the utmost care of your belongings while providing a stress-free moving experience. Whether you’re looking to for a residential move across the city or a commercial move across the state, Safeguard Moving Company will keep protect your belongings the entire way.

Before planning your move, it’s important to consider the cost of living, utilities, transportation, and housing costs. One of the significant advantages of residing in Georgetown is the affordability of housing. Unlike its neighboring city Austin, Georgetown presents a range of housing options that don’t break the bank. The variety of homes available within the mid $300s to $400s range, including new constructions, offer a pocket-friendly alternative to individuals and families looking to settle in a serene yet vibrant community. Home to vastly growing communities like Wolf Ranch and Cimmaron Hills, you’re bound to find a home to meet both lifestyle expectations and your budget.

What are the best neighborhoods to live in?

Georgetown, Texas, is home to a variety of neighborhoods that cater to different preferences, offering everything from serene lakefront properties to bustling community settings. Here’s a summary of some notable neighborhoods:

  1. Escalera Ranch – This neighborhood is known for its luxury homes and spacious lots. It’s close to Lake Georgetown, making it ideal for those who enjoy water activities and the outdoors.

  2. Estates of Westlake – Located near Lake Georgetown, this area boasts large, custom homes with scenic views. It’s a peaceful community with easy access to outdoor activities and the historic downtown Georgetown.

  3. Fountainwood Estates – Offering a mix of affordability and space, Fountainwood Estates features custom homes on large plots. It’s near Lake Georgetown, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

  4. Gabriel’s Grove – This is an upscale community with large, custom-designed homes. It offers a luxurious living experience with ample space and modern amenities.

  5. Cimarron Hills and Sun City – These are part of the wider array of neighborhoods in Georgetown, with Cimarron Hills offering a golf course lifestyle and Sun City catering to active adults with a variety of amenities and activities.

Each neighborhood has its unique charm, from luxurious, spacious living in Escalera Ranch and Gabriel’s Grove to the more serene, nature-focused lifestyle in Estates of Westlake and Fountainwood Estates. Georgetown’s appeal is multifaceted, combining a lower cost of living than the national average, diverse employment opportunities, and convenient transportation options for easy commuting. This makes it an attractive place to live for a wide range of people, from families to retirees.

How much do movers cost?

The cost of moving can vary significantly depending on several factors including the distance of the move, the services you require and ultimately the amount of belongings in your home.

For moves within the same city, moving companies typically charge by the hour. Rates can range from $90 to $160 for 2 movers and a truck with additional fees for extra movers or services. Movers can also be higher depending on the date and time of year you are moving. Peak pricing dates typically occur on weekends, holidays, and during the summer months. We typically see average total moving costs in Georgetown from $300 – $400 for a one-bedroom apartment to $1,200 – $1,500 for a 3-bedroom home.

For moves spanning more than 100 miles, companies typically charge a flat rate based on the weight of your items and distance traveled. Additional services such as packing, assembly or disassembly of bed frames, and disconnecting or reconnecting appliances could also result in added costs. Safeguard Moving offers a complimentary virtual or physical walk through of your home so that our experienced moving coordinators can take inventory to provide an upfront, flat rate cost with no hidden fees.

As the cost of moving depends on a multitude of factors, planning ahead will not only save you time and headache, but it will also save you money. Start by choosing the right licensed and insured moving company who will provide peace of mind and protect your belongings. Choosing to move during the week, being prepared and packing your belongings are all factors that could provide cost savings come move day. Safeguard Moving also offers discounts for veterans and senior citizens so always make sure to ask if a discount can be added.

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Georgetown encapsulates a friendly, welcoming community and it is our mission to provide the same experience with your move. When searching for a moving company, it’s important to consider price and efficiency while trusting the moving company you open your doors to. At Safeguard Moving we utilize state of the art technology and equipment to ensure an efficient service while maintaining the highest level of hospitality. We know at the end of the day, it’s the people that matter and it’s why our customers call us the number one mover in Georgetown.

If you’re thinking of moving to Georgetown TX, let Safeguard Moving be the first call you make. Our dedicated coordinators can help provide insight into your total move cost, ways to prepare and even assist in providing discounts on services like junk removal and move-out cleanings. We believe in providing a full-service, white glove move to reduce overall stress and save you time.

The balance of a small-town atmosphere with various urban amenities and natural parks makes Georgetown a gem in the heart of Texas waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for the right company for your move, look no further, you’re at home with Safeguard Moving.

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